LG 98" Ultra HD Smart TV

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LG 98" Ultra HD Smart TV
Model #98UB9810

ULTRA HD is a new standard in picture quality, and it's the future of high end video display in the home.
The resolution is four times that of Full HD 1080p, with a whopping 8.3 million pixels to display flawless images,
even when viewed up close. Enjoy incredibly vivid colors and picture details as never before.

Disclaimer: 4K/UHD content delivery standards still being developed.


LG’s IPS panel puts brilliance on display with a wider 4K viewing angle than Samsung 4K TVs.
One of the secrets behind LG TVs outstanding ULTRA high definition performance is the specially designed TV panel.
The quality of the panel helps determine the quality of the picture,
and our IPS In Plane Switching panel makes any seat the best in the house.


LG’s Tru-4K Engine Pro is our best resolution enhancer yet,
that even better upscale content, for incredible picture quality on LG’s ULTRA HD 4K TVs.
Now you can upscale content so closely to native 4K it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.
Plus, all of your Blu-rays, DVD’s and TV programs look amazing, even on big screen sizes.


The recently developed HEVC (short for High Efficiency Video Coding)
compression format is essential to ULTRA HD/4K,
enabling next-generation video playback to meet the demands of UHD TVs.4K video uses HEVC,
and so the built-in HEVC decoder on this LG ULTRA HD television makes it ready to display 4K content.


TruMotion reflects the benefits of our detailed back light scanning and enhanced frame
rates to reduce blur and yields crisper details.
It’s a boon to all fast-action video, but most especially sports, so you won’t miss a thing.
LG TruMotion 240Hz is available on select-model LCD TVs.


Smart shouldn’t be difficult.
LG Smart TV makes it easy to connect to premium content from providers like Netflix,
Hulu Plu
3 Year Extended Warranty Included